Welcome Message 欢迎辞

Dear Colleagues,

The 2nd Asia‐Pacific Conference on Coaching Science is going to be held in Shanghai University of Sport (SUS). The conference is hosted by Asia Association of Coaching Science (AACS) and co-organized by SUS and Shanghai Association of Sport Science. On behalf of all faculties and staffs of SUS, I would like to express my warm welcome to all the participants around the world.  

Coaching science is a combination of science and art. As the two most important roles in the process of sport training, coaches and scientists share the same goal of enhancing athletes' performance, and it is their work that bridges the gap between science and art. The theme of this conference is Coaching Science—Future & Perspective. We have invited a number of sport scientists and coaches from home and abroad to share their achievements. We hope that this conference would provide a platform for coaches and scientists in the field of sport coaching to communicate, and the science and art of coaching would be better integrated in Asia, especially inChina, through this conference.

SUS was founded in 1952 and is the first university specialized in sports in China. Over the past few years, SUS has established the China Table Tennis College, launched the only international sport science journal in China—Journal of Sport and Health Science, built the National Sports Technology & Industry Park, and opened the Chinese Martial Art Museum. 

Lastly, I sincerely invite sport coaches and scientists from all of the Asia-pacific regions to this conference, and I wish the conference a great success.

Welcome to SUS!


Prof. Peijie CHEN

President, Shanghai University of Sport

Welcome to 2016 Asian Conference of Coaching Science (ACCS).

On behalf of Asia Association of Coaching Science (AACS), I would like to extend my warm welcome to all participants in the 2nd Asian Conference of Coaching Science hosted by the ShangHai University of Sport.ShangHai is the business centre of China, it also hosts many famous international sports events, such as IAAF Diamond League - ShangHai, ATP ShangHai Masters, and the Chinese F1 Grand Prix. Shanghai University of Sport is the first Sports university in China founded in 1952 with excellent performance in both academia and sports. I am more than happy to work with the host to organise first AACS event in China.

The 1st Asian Conference of Coaching Science in Hokkaido in 2014 was a success. I still remember the awarding ceremony in the end of the conference for the outstanding presentations done by those young researchers. We have many more researchers and speakers to join us this year, I am sure the host will provide the best environment for all participants to enjoy the conference.

I am also happy to announce that we have started Asian Journal of Coaching Science. We will invite authors who are awarded in the conference to submit their research work in the journal. I am looking forward to seeing all of you in ShangHai.

I know many of you may wonder why there is no President’s Message for the conference this year. Sadly, the AACS President Professor Jasson Chiang has left us forever last year. Prof Chiang devoted himself with much time to gather many colleagues to form AACS three years ago. It was always Prof Chiangs wish to start the first Asian journal of coaching science. I would like to invite all of you to contribute your research work to the first edition of Asian Journal of Coaching Science in honour of Prof Chiangs contribution to Asian Coaching Science.

James Shih-Chung CHENG, PhD (Ortho & SportsMed)
Asia Association of Coaching Science